The Woman in the Park
The Beast Under the Moonlight
The Exile
Tuesday, July 7th
River of Starlight
The Prince and the Pirate
Dreaming on the Sea
Little Red Dress
The Glass Cage
Forest Lights
From a Former Ghost Hunter
The Coffin Bearer
Under the Veil of Mist and Night
Down in the Meadow
[Bridge Gate Hollow, 2002]
Sound and Light
Lady in White
Feathers in Snow
Local Broadcasting
Travellers on a Wintry Night
Night Garden
Northern Witch
Valley of Red
Distant Magic
The Fox's Favor
Under Ice
Two Moons
Track 14
Dancing Bones
Lilacs and Kudzu
Professional Loyalty
Raven and Holly
Down in the Glen
Sea Waves
Winter Song
The Hole
Winter Guest
Summer Pact
The Wolf
Death's Assistants
Autumn Prayer
Red Ghost
Thursday, December
Night, A Unicorn, A Bat
The Old One
Letter #78
Mists of Red and Grey
A knight and a prince. *Complete*
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The Fourth Knight of Cailean
A knight and a princess. *Complete*
1 2 3

The Immortal Knight and the Endless River
A distracted knight. *Currently at Ch 2*
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The Knight and the Tower
Two prisoners. *Currently at Ch 1*
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City in the Forest
Boredom, breaking down. *Currently at Ch 1*
1 2

The Blue Lights of Hiram
An investigation. *Currently at Ch 5*
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In the Green
Mechanics renting together. *Complete*

Teens at a hospital. *Complete*

The Boy Who Wandered
He kept wandering. *Currently at Ch 4*
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Beyond the Valley of Rain
A false accusation. *Complete*
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Beyond the Blood Sea Mountains
A mountain trip. *Currently at Ch 2*
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More to be added later
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