Some years ago, when this site was just a baby and had a section called "Rain" with links to rain videos/audio available online and I thought 10K was a lot of writing and Mists probably had like IDK, 2 chapters, I had looked into some vanity publishing places for getting a print copy of some of my stories just for myself, not to sell. One of those was The Book Patch, which I largely forget about because they rarely send out emails, and mostly for some kind of discount for bulk orders. Anyway, in the last month, I've gotten the following emails. I thought they were funny, so I'm sharing them.
At first I thought I got spam because of the title of the email. Then I thought maybe this company's email had been hacked at first because of the strange formatting and bad grammar. Who the hell is Zachariah? Did the AI write this? What does this have to do with their POD service?
Writing With Robots. We now have capitalization in the title. Format of the email is back to the regular format their emails are usually in. The Book Patch is totally not affiliated in any way and isn't making money from this. They've negotiated a special price for us though! For no reason. Cause that's how business works.
To generate original content for writers~!! LMAO. Love that. God, am I tired of reading the word "content". It's such an empty word at this point. What do you make? "Content". And another email with another spam looking title. Now we learn Zachariah is Victor's son, apparently. I suspected before this point that anyone using this kind of tool was likely just making trash books to make a quick buck on Amazon and not like, actually interested in making anything worth reading, and this email confirms it. Look at this glowing rec from a lady who couldn't get any books out of her head who sold a book about...creativity? LOL. I love "Not a Sales Book" and "Subscription Secrets". Also note "using our resources at The Book Patch". So are you connected or not? And now 4 instead 3 best selling author coaches. So how much is this course? According to the link in the email, it's $97. It even comes with a ~private Facebook group~. On the course's site, you can read about the best selling authors no one's heard of. And The Book Patch is literally mentioned on the main page. Not affiliated my ass. Giving me early 2000s memories LOL.
Yeah, so this isn't about writing at all. It's about generating "content" to make cash real quick and nothing more. Book ideas? Writer's block? Right... If you go to the site, you can see more of the books written by "grads", such as one about how to successfully write a book using an AI in less than a week. Oh, and that Facebook group? According them, it's worth $300 to join, so you're totally getting a deal by paying only about $100.
And all their other "bonuses" are listed as being worth similarly ridiculous value prices, for the whole package being "worth" $1K, but wait, you'll get it for only $100! Wow! This is of course all just to get these people interested in using this service at, which starts at $29/mo to get 20k worth of words, which...isn't novel length. Though I guess it's only giving you the bare bones of something anyway, but if we're doing "1 book a week", seems like 20k would be used up pretty quickly. Actually, going back to the challenge linked in the email, it lists you get only 10K words for "free". Here's their full pricing: "The base plan is $29/mo for 20,000 words generated. You can upgrade to higher plans in the app or add 5,000 more words for $10 after you hit your plan's limit. Higher plan credits and prices are as follows: 35,000 words = $49/mo 75,000 words = $99/mo 115,00 words = $149/mo 150,000 words = $199/mo" Such an amazing deal. And no, I didn't make that typo (for once). I c+p'ed that. Haven't decided if I'll unsubscribe from their mailing list or not yet. Who knows how the story will evolve! Will Victor write that book? Will it be about AI? TBH, things like this make me want to write a book on writing and just put it up for free, but pretty sure anyone using this service isn't interested in "smashing through their writer's block" to get out that one story idea that's been stuck in their head for forever. Anyway, just thought I'd share this. Haha.