July 7th, 2014 Monday Morning Thank you for the report regarding my family's protection. I'm glad to hear that. I can't wait to join them once my last year here, at the end of next year, is done and retire. Though with that said, I fear we may be too late to stop what's planned to happen in the coming years. I will hold out here and report what I can until my final day. It amazes me after all this time they never once suspected me. I never once bothered with talking in that bizarre, cult-like manner of speaking either and they all let me in. My reports are so obviously mine compared to most of the other staff. I suppose most of them simply aren't as intelligent as they think they are. ES has succeeded. She named the child Julia, for the month and to give her a "proper" 20 name, and to hide her from her brother. If she named her the name she wanted, ES would be immediately found out once TS saw the record. She's been placed with one of the 20 and the treatment done. Her readings show nothing special, just as the puppet's didn't and the ones before her. No one through their lines has truly been the one since the family split. Every girl they've checked never gave them the right reading, and we've had two confirmed for our side. There hasn't been one in a while though. According to the old files, we should have found one by now. I wonder...forgive me if I am talking nonsense, but could it be possible this one's a boy? When will you be leaving? I heard you already moved over most of your family too.