A while back I thought it would be interesting to record typos I caught myself making to see what kind of errors I typically make. These are the results of that brief recording. Enjoy. I might do this again later and add to this. This will remain unlinked even on the cheatsheet. NEW ADDITIONS LOL: smoeone: someone redo the mass: redo the math amtter: matter pretty: better she: since they: that pirce: price prants: parents scientic: scientific made: man jobshit: dogshit cont: font assleep: asleep in vestigate: investigate kind: king environ: envision aad: and bee too: be too called done: calmed down a man blond man: a blond man across the side of across the side of: across the side of right to the right: to the right there there: is there nnear: near downcuments: documents di: did dranked: drank Juen: June draeming: dreaming Calbed: Caleb Calbe: Caleb Caled: Caleb CAleb: Caleb acleb: Caleb caleb: Caleb leaves: lives dada: dad gout: go out quick as trip: trip as quick fotosteps: footsteps coudn'rt: couldn't gloes: glows samas: same as felt: left sniff: knife mervous: nervous "." : I honestly have no fucking idea what happened here negativing: negating Anquarius: Aquarius Amensiac: Amnesiac OLD: finctional : fictional tahnksx: thanks honesltly: honestly rigth: right acrs: cars condined: confined typictions: depiction taht: that feelnsg: feelings stodo: stood santcuary: sanctuary msut: must thwe: the teh: the the the: the a a: a loev: love Furtehrmore: furthermore anythig: anything shoudln't : shouldn't vrown: crown aerlier: earlier kight: knight fror: for theri: their replacem4nt: replacement reaoson: reason woudl: would about: able maeks: makes umcomforable: uncomfortable thereapy: therapy Eidth: Edith yuo: you behavior herself: behave herself afce: face msiled: smiled Bircdh: Birch waht: what specila: special filled: filmed compnay: company nispect: inspect satff: staff morning: corner aain: again aruond: around throw: threw orangen: orange cateferia: cafeteria youre: your anywhere: anyone insivible: invisible ferocociouty: ferocity adh: had aegithteen: eighteen mnths: months yougner: younger yoru: your realted: related Danit: Dani wanted fornt: front foront: front look me: look at me like: look delibate: deliberate practive: practice me: more shell: shelf should: said take make: to make out information: us matter: married skate: skating rink she she: she going: doing main main: main out photo out: a photo out let me daughter me free: let my daughter be free gogole shetts: google sheets blodo: blood averse: aversion made made: made brother-in-law: father-in-law seltbelt: seatbelt setbelt: seatbelt seach: search