I've been meaning to rewrite this for a while, but I've never been good at bios. Some basics I supposed: +30, male, married, bisexual, pisces, born in Atlanta, B.S in Biology (Ecology) with a minor in Classical Studies, currently living in Georgia. That's the main gist of it, right? But none of that is actually important. I made this website in part out of nostlagia and because I wanted somewhere to put my writing at that wasn't a writing hosting site like AO3 or a blogging platform, which is how I used to find a lot of writing online. While I've used sites like that before for posting stories, I'm really not a fan of that. I'd rather have everything collected here, looking how I want it to look, and so I can do things I can't on those websites. Something I used to love seeing about old websites was finding hidden pages or seeing parts of the website change if you clicked on the right thing. A good chunk of my inspiration for this site comes from old stuff like the Urban Diary, various Lain fansites, and an old Death Note fansite that made about half of the website completely hidden unless you knew the exact spot on the layout to click on to get there that no longer exists. The modern, black text on massive white space designs are a nightmare for me. When I was in school, black text on blindingly white papers in my textbooks, sitting in a white room with bright lights--I had so many migraines from that and had to be on medication to be able to function. Now, that's the standard everyone seems to want to go with, while claiming the old web wasone big eye strain. At least my website doesn't give me a migraine, so that's something. I must confess as well that I am dyslexic and many of the "standard" font choices are harder for me to read, and sadly, fonts like Comic Sans that everyone makes fun of, are much easier to read. This is the real reason my font is standardized version of my handwriting. I changed my handwriting when I was fifteen so I could avoid a lot of common problems, like mixing up certain letters, when writing. The easiest font for me to read, is thus my own handwriting because it's specialized for me. Sorry, it's sloppy and I need to redo the font to make it better, but that's the real reason the font is my handwriting. And that's also the reason you'll see certain really dumb/funny typos again and again no matter how much I proofread. Here's some ones that will be recorded on the typo page eventually: a man blond man: a blond man across the side of across the side of: across the side of there there: is there dranked: drank Okay, that last one's just from living in Georgia. The background color of the main part of my website is the sound of a light, steady rain. I have a few forms of synesthesia, one of them being chromesthesia. This means certain sounds trigger me to see colors. Rain is one of those sounds, along with singing voices and many instruments. For me, depending on the intensity of the storm, rain tends to be in shades of green or gray. I used to see people's voices when they were talking too, but how much I can see has decreased from when I was a child when it was much stronger. From what I've read, these colors are mostly unique to the person, so this color choice really only makes sense to me. This, uh, "talent" I guess you could call it (it's certainly not a disability, despite what some people on Tumblr want to think), has been useful in writing some of the stories on this site. Certain songs will trigger more than abstract colors and may have more complex shapes. I've used these to come up with stories before and kept them playing on repeat while I wrote to help myself see what I wanted to write out. A lot of my other stories come from ideas I got on long walks (typically from smells or shadows giving me ideas), nightmares I thought would be fun to rework and share, or me dealing with bits of old trauma memories. Many of my stories take place in Georgia. A part of that is because I've always lived here so I automatically picture things here, but also, I don't really feel like depictions of Georgia in media ever really show what Georgia is actually like and that gets on my nerves. I suppose this is as good as it's gonna get for now. I'll update this again probably in the future with something else, or just scrap all this text and write a new bio again.