July 7th, 2015 Tuesday Evening The experiment in Zone 1 is coming along well. We relocated the former residents who were not deemed suitable candidates to a new area and gave them the treatment. Those remaining were each visited by one of our scouts and given Type-III to make them more susceptible to the frequency interference. The water was treated with Type-III as well. Thanks to the breakthrough Team 2 had with the Project Cloudbusting, we can supply Type-III through the air and into the ground. Teams 3 and 4 are currently experimenting with how we could use this for Project Red and Project Dust. No word yet on any definitive results. Current residents were told they were all newly moving in, as per the plan. The houses were "renovated" to fit our needs, with all the necessary items to keep them in the dark. During that time, the fit candidates were housed at the mountain base. The sub-unit there did an excellent job of getting their memories into shape for the experiment. The experiment is designed to last for the duration of the summer, but we may extend or shorten it if needed. All that matters are the results. Teams 3 and 4 are getting close to being ready to initiate Phase 2 in Zones 2 and 3. We will be relocating to the mountain base prior to that. Phase 2, if all goes according to plan, should be in full force by the end of next summer. I eagerly await the day when we can begin Phase 3. I've already been nominated to become a director for one of the early facilities. There was a strange reading earlier today, but it seems to have been an error. To tomorrow and our bright future, I will work hard.