Greetings my diligent workers, Earlier this week, certain individuals within the company spread rumors about an outbreak of VC-15-RM. We have conducted an internal investigation and no outbreak has been detected. The individuals responsible for spreading this false information have been permanently terminated, and their non-staff family members have received treatment. I would like to take this unfortunate opportunity to remind everyone of the protocol for misinformation. If you hear any information that has not been published in an official statement, spreading of that information will result in immediate termination. The appropriate course of action is to discretely report the individual to the investigation department and, if possible, stay with the individual until the investigators arrive to ensure no further spread of misinformation occurs. Staff are permitted to forgo other responsibilities and appointments in all emergency situations. By whatever means necessary, attempt to contain the individual in the area. Casual conversation is the preferred method, but physical restraint is acceptable if the individual is uncooperative. After the offending individual has been taken by the investigators, staff are expected to then report to Dr. Felicia Dogwood for proper treatment. Post treatment care requires of full week of daily appointments with Dr. Dogwood, or until the staff has been approved to return to work up to twelve weeks. Individuals who require more than twelve weeks of care will be terminated. Missed work during post-care will not be held against the employee's record and will qualify for paid leave, if the proper documents have been handed in advance of treatment needs. Remember to always keep personal records with the company up to date. Misinformation is a serious crime against the company and will absolutely not be tolerated. To clarify further, there has never been any outbreaks at any facility, and we have never employed anyone named Linda Lakeview or Joseph Lakeview. Our thorough investigators have found that no record of anyone by those names living in the rumored area, nor anyone by those names who are married to each other in the state of Georgia, nor any Linda Lakeview or Joseph Lakeview who have two boys named Henry and Oliver. These individuals simply do not exist, and their identities and histories were fully fabricated by the now terminated employees in an attempt to discredit the company. Our labs are the safest in the world. There are no laboratories safer than ours, and we hold all of our staff to the highest of standards. For the good of the company, all staff are recommended to reread Tom Oak's essay A Likely Forest before returning to work Monday morning. Please review the questions from your accompanying workbook on pages 46-52. A meeting will be held at 10:00 AM via the NTGL with DD. All staff are expected to participate. I would also like to mention that, as of late, several staff have been found to have children disobeying the dress code. As a reminder, if you receive a letter about your family's less than stellar compliance, you have one month to correct the offending behavior and will be monitored for the remainder of the year before being taken off of probation. All staff on probation are forbidden from attending meetings and may not take any leave. Remember, if relatives are uncooperative, the primary offenders may be turned over to the company's skilled hands, relinquished to the state if the relative is a minor, or placed in one of our many mental hospitals to have their behavioral issues rectified. Please review the handbook A Proper Family for guidelines on how to better manage relatives. I thank all of our workers who diligently do their daily duties for the sake of the company and our world's bright future. You are what make everything possible, and together we will make a better world. -Dr. Edith Summerfield