A. GLENWOOD: Tell me, what exactly do you remember happening? AA93: I wanted some water. No one would give me any. It made me angry. A. GLENWOOD: What happened when you got angry? AA93: It started to rain. A. GLENWOOD: Rain? AA93: Red rain. It always falls when I get angry. A. GLENWOOD: Rain isn't red, AA93. AA93: Mine is. A. GLENWOOD: What happened after that? After the rain fell? AA93: They fell to pieces. Then there was red everywhere. A. GLENWOOD: Did you make it happen? AA93: Yes. I can make you fall to pieces too. A. GLENWOOD: How would you do that? AA93: Like this. A. GLENWOOD: (inaudible screaming) ???: (inaudible) A. SUMMERFIELD: Did you get a clear reading on that? J. BEAUMONT: Director...Dr. Glenwood is... ???: (inaudible screaming) A. SUMMERFIELD: Shut her up and put the box on her! Beaumont, did you get a reading? J. BEAUMONT: Yes, Director. A. SUMMERFIELD: Get to analyzing it. Finally, we caught her in time! E. SUMMERFIELD: Daddy... J. BEAUMONT: You brought your daughter in here?! A. SUMMERFIELD: Children must not be shielded from the realities of work. Beaumont, are you questioning my actions? AA93: I don't want to be in here. A. SUMMERFIELD: Edith, why don't you box her? J. BEAUMONT: Director, she's only... A. SUMMERFIELD: Beaumont, you are testing my patience. J. BEAUMONT: Forgive me, Director. A. SUMMERFIELD: Go on, Edith. Do it exactly like how I showed you. E. SUMMERFIELD: Yes, Daddy. AA93: Don't put that on me! E. SUMMERFIELD: But Daddy says I have to. AA93: I don't like that. J. BEAUMONT: Director, bring her back. AA93 is unstable. She wouldn't hesitate to... A. SUMMERFIELD: That's fine. Be ready for that. We can get a second reading if that happens. (loud footsteps) A. SUMMERFIELD: Beaumont! What are you doing?! AA93: Don't put it on me! I don't... J. BEAUMONT: I've completed the Memory Box treatment on AA93. A. SUMMERFIELD: Beaumont, report to my office after you finish analyzing that reading. J. BEAUMONT: Yes, Director. A. SUMMERFIELD: Edith, come with me. You, get to cleaning up this mess. Have the remains sent to the lab to be analyzed as well. For now, keep AA93 contained in her room and fix up the memories of the rest of the Glenwood family. J. BEAUMONT: (inaudible) A. SUMMERFIELD: What was that? J. BEAUMONT: I said your daughter's dress is dirty. A. SUMMERFIELD: Ah, yes. There's some blood. Come, Edith. We'll get your dress changed. J. BEAUMONT: Bastard.