Mists of Red and Grey: A story about a loyal knight and a prince. *Complete*

The Fourth Knight of Cailean: A story about a loyal knight and a princess. *Complete*

The Immortal Knight and the Endless River: A story about a very distracted knight. *Currently at Ch 1*

In the Green: Two mechanics rent an apartment together. *Complete*

Boy: Two teens meet in a hospital. *Complete*

The Boy Who Wandered: He began wandering in July. *Currently at Ch1*

Beyond the Valley of Rain: A man sets out to clear his name. *Complete*

Beyond the Blood Sea Mountains: Two people travel to a mountain. Currently at Ch 1

The Girl in the Mountain: Strangers solve a maze together. *Currently at Ch 11*

Murmurs Behind Walls: The house is haunted. *Currently at Ch 3*

Red/Air: She can't wake up. *Currently at Ch 13*

More to be added later