October 31, 2011 Unfortunately, due to an incident I cannot mention, I've lost my earlier entries for this year. The responsible party has been taken care of. Today, the little ones were removed from their stations. As with any infant, they are entirely helpless at the moment. We are observing them for any unusual signs. In earlier experiments, the usable subjects were easy to determine by four months. It is unlikely we will see anything at this stage, but every experiment has it's own oddities. For this one, we have fifty subjects, twenty-five of each sex. Like before, we have named them by the same P# formatting. When the usable subjects become clear, we will rename them to the S# format. December 31, 2011 Only two months in, and we already have found a usable subject. P4 has displayed a strange bioluminescent ability. We haven't been able to decipher what sets this off, but the subject has been witnessed doing this repeatedly. We will be keeping a close eye on this one. April 15, 2012 All of the usable subjects have been identified. In total, we have 30 subjects for this round with 17 females and 13 males. The remaining twenty subjects have been disposed of. P4, now S13, is still a mystery to us. We've been working on getting S13 to learn to speak as quickly as possible so he may be able to answer some of our questions. S15 is equally strange. This one generates an explosive reaction whenever she touches glass. The subject is currently being treated. This subject will be difficult to handle, though so far is the most promising subject for the military's interests. The others display abilities of similar natures to ones seen in the previous three experiments. July 7, 2012 S15 died today. A careless lab assistant let her near glass and the wounds were deadly. S29 was also severely injured. He is currently in critical condition. The lab assistant has been taken care of and replaced. S15's remains are being examined for future experiments. S13 is speaking well, but does not yet comprehend what is causing his reactions. I have been appointed to work with him around the clock to determine the mechanics of his unusual ability. July 8, 2012 S29 died. His body is being examined now. This brings our subject count to 28, sixteen female and twelve male. September 23, 2012 Progress is slow. S13 has started to speak more complete sentences. December 25, 2012 Several of the lab assistants have protested having to work through the holiday. They have been removed and replaced with more disciplined ones. January 1, 2013 Three more assistants were replaced. These young people today have no work ethic. I've asked for the director to make sure he has new assistants more thoroughly investigated before bringing them in. It's a hassle having to explain everything so many times, and the new ones all seem anxious about our work. These are not the sort of people I want involved in our projects. February 14, 2013 All of the assistants that were brought in last December have all been replaced now. What a useless group. The ones from January have also been replaced. This constant shuffling has slowed down our work. S13 has become quite attached to me. It is only natural, given what he is. I've made sure to keep distance between us. I don't need my subject compromised. May 10, 2013 Yet another mass assistant shuffle. I grow tired of these. This is the most we've had over all of our experiments. I don't understand why this keeps happening. This is only more proof that the plan is necessary. As we move forward in time, there is only more of these weak minded, worthless individuals. Once the plan is set into motion, these kinds of people will be properly managed by those with higher intelligence. July 7, 2013 S13 asked me a strange question. "What are the pretty lights that float in the sky?" I didn't see anything. He claimed he had seen them earlier when he walked by the window. It was night, but it was overcast, so I don't think he was looking at stars. Perhaps a stray headlight from the road? August 20, 2013 S11, this experiment's fire creator, died. She burned herself alive along with three of the other subjects (S24, S27, S30) and one of the researchers. This exceeds what earlier fire creators were able to produce. Unfortunately, their remains were too charred to get any useful information from. S11's modifications, like S15, will certainly be used in our next experiment. This brings us down to 24 subjects, fifteen females and nine males. S13 wanted to show me the lights again, but I was unable to appease his request as the fire had started around that time. October 31, 2013 I saw the lights. S13 brought me over to the window late at night and waved his hand in the air. Several specks of blue light appeared before us. I tried to collect a sample of them, but I could not physically touch them. They would not display on the photos I took either. Shortly after I took the photos, S13's body started to glow. He still cannot answer me why it is happening. December 20, 2013 I have gotten S13 to show the others the lights several times now. They only seem to appear at night. We've yet to find a way to capture them. For now, our data on them is exclusively observational. As they have no physical form, we assume they are not living creatures. S13 may be reacting with some kind of energy in the air. March 15, 2014 Under supervision, S13 was allowed outside. What we witnessed was astonishing. The lights were everywhere he went. Many of them were of the same type as the ones seen inside the building by the window, but they came in all sizes. The forms of these creatures were what was most amazing. They were animals. Butterflies, birds, deer, rabbits, even a cat. S13 has never seen animals before, so he called them "complex forms" compared to the "simple forms" of the particle-like lights. I've never seen anything like this. As S13 hasn't seen animals prior to this, he can't be recreating illusions of something. We will be conducting more supervised trips with S13. To maintain his ignorance, we will be keeping his exposure to real animals to an absolute minimum. April 4, 2014 S13's linguistic abilities continue to improve. We still have yet to determine the cause of his occasional bioluminescence nor what the lights he is able to make appear are. S6-8 have been removed from the experiment and disposed of. S6 contracted an unknown illness. The others displayed symptoms shortly after her. We have isolated the other subjects until the entire building has been thoroughly cleaned. Our subject count is now at 21, thirteen female and eight male. June 17, 2014 We've received news from the higher ups about the other plans' progress. I am envious of the researchers working in the other plans. Their work will more greatly affect humanity. Ours is purely for military purposes. Borders and order must be protected, of course, but being able to work on the planning for the facilities and units would be a dream come true. S13 made a strange request earlier. He asked for clothes like mine. I told him only researchers can wear these clothes. As a research subject, he was to wear the clothes we provided him with. He was not satisfied with my answer and threw a tantrum. While this was occurring, his body glowed again. Then it occurred to me. Perhaps his ability is, at least in part, emotionally linked. Some animals do change display in response to fear. When I managed to calm him down, his body stopped glowing. I decided, with approval from the director, that I would begin a series of tests on his emotional responses. As this could affect the other subjects, S13 is being moved to an isolated section of the building with limited staff contact. The illness contracted by S6-8 earlier in the year has not resurfaced nor has it been identified. June 20, 2014 For our first test, I intentionally frightened S13. His body lit up immediately in response. I calmed him down and gave him a set of clothes similar to mine. Again, his body lit up. After sunset, we took him to an isolated area outside. We observed the light "animals" for a while. They floated along as usual, but there is no rhyme or reason to their movement. This time there was a dog and an owl. July 7, 2014 We continue to make progress with S13. It is clear that his body is reacting to emotional stimulus when it glows. The night lights, however, still remain a mystery to me. S12 died today. He was unable to properly control his water creation and drowned from the inside. His body has been sent off to be examined. We are now at twenty subjects, thirteen female and seven male. September 28, 2014 S13 has asked for a name. I explained to him his name is S13. He told me that wasn't a name but a letter and a number. "I want a name like yours," he said. I explained to him that research subjects have names like that and researchers have names like mine. He didn't say anything to me after that and spent the rest of the day sitting on his bed. At night, we took him outside, but he refused to touch the air. I forced him to move his arms to get the lights to show. I expected him to glow from the emotional response, but he didn't. October 31, 2014 It has been officially three years since the subjects' "births". We have less than half of what we originally started with, but this is more than we have had survive in previous experiments. I hear reports from the other teams and grow more envious. Two of the teams requested the samples we collected from S6-8. We sent it off to them. S13 has not requested anything since asking for a name. I gave him a few toys to get a response out of him, but he would not play with them and there was no reaction. December 13, 2014 The director has been unsatisfied with our work with S13. He has given me permission to give S13 a name for the purpose of continuing the tests. I gave him the name "Allen", as it was the first masculine name I saw on a list of our current assistants. S13 was pleased to have a name. I don't know why he has a concept of this being important, but his body glowed when I told him. He started playing with the toys as well and has been more cooperative during the night trips. January 27, 2015 S1 died. She managed to escape outside. In earlier tests, we found her similar to S15 in that she created explosive reactions. There was little worry with her as S1 only created these reactions when in contact with soil. The moment she touched the earth, she was killed. Her body is being examined. We are now down to nineteen subjects, twelve female and seven male. March 10, 2015 S13 asked if I could stay with him until he fell asleep yesterday. I refused. He did not throw a fit over it, but the following day, he claimed he "didn't feel well" and wanted to stay in bed. I had him examined and the nurse reported that he was completely healthy and did not appear to be ill. I suspected this was his way of showing his disapproval of last night. I forced him outside. He was cooperative after that point and did not make the same request tonight. May 2, 2015 Team 2 has completed their portion of the project. They are now working in conjunction with Team 3 and 4. Team 1 is still working on getting their experiment going. Our team, Team 5, has not shown enough progress to satisfy the higher ups. We have been given a time limit on how long we may continue our research before our team is replaced and the useful members of our team are moved to other teams. In a way, I find this news a blessing. I would give anything to be moved to Team 3 or Team 4. S13 asked me today if I was his father. I told him his paternal biological donor was chosen from thousands of candidates to match certain requirements for our experiment. He rephrased his question and asked if I was his guardian or caretaker. I told him that my duties included that while I was assigned to him. He didn't ask me any further questions and played with his toys most of the day. July 7, 2015 All of the teams reported a strange reading earlier when Team 1 initiated their wave signal for Zone 1 on a mass scale. We are trying to pinpoint the source. August 30, 2015 Team 1's project is going well. Ours continues to have little useful results in comparison. The director has been replaced. The new director gave us a briefing earlier on his plans for the remaining subjects. S13 is not affected by the new changes, as he is a special subject. September 30, 2015 S13 admitted to me late today that there was an area he was always terrified of passing. I asked him where it was. He said it was "the back room". After he described it, I realized he was referring to the waste disposal room where the useless subjects and researchers were eliminated and where the failed ones were disposed of after being examined. Since he had such a strong emotional reaction to it, I asked the director for permission to take him there. The area was cleared out for us so he would not interact with the others. He did not want to visit the place and asked to hold my hand while we walked. I refused to heighten his fear. He froze before entering the room. I carried him inside and shut the door. His body glowed brighter than I had ever seen him glow before. He struggled in my arms to get away. As he did this, lights appeared. This was the first time I had ever seen the lights appear inside the building in an area not near a window. I turned off the lights. He glowed even brighter when I did that. As he continued to flail around, I saw something we had never observed before. Human forms. Infants to adults. They floated aimlessly. They had no faces as they were merely lights. I was so caught off guard by this that I immediately left the room with S13. S13 cried for a long time. I have not reported my findings to the director. I don't want to go back inside that room, and I dare not think what those forms mean. October 31, 2015 Our remaining subjects have reached age four. This is the longest any of our experimental subjects have ever lasted. S13 overheard me discussing this with some of the assistants. He asked me if that meant today was his birthday. I told him it was, and he glowed. I didn't think he had a concept of what a birthday was yet. December 27, 2015 Team 1 has nearly completed their project in Zone 1. We celebrated for the first time in years last night. The bright future we all dreamed of seems so close now. December 28, 2015 Team 1 is gone. They were swallowed up by their own experiment. There is only emptiness where their building once stood. It seems this happened yesterday night. The giant sink hole that took their building is still expanding. We can already see it on our horizon. All of the teams are working fast to figure out what is causing the hole to continue expanding beyond Zone 1 and how to stop it. So far, there has been no success. December 29, 2015 S13 is the cause. The energy he is able to connect with also affects the wave Team 1 had been sending out. The wave's outer edge coming into contact with our building earlier in the year was the strange reading we all noticed. The closer the wave got in contact with S13, the faster the hole expanded. No one had noticed before due to the hole already expanding at a rapid rate. His body reacting with the wave was able to shut off Team 1's stop signal. We have generated a new wave to counteract with Team 1's, but we haven't tested it out yet. S13 has been put in a special chamber until the wave is used. The director originally wanted to have him destroyed, but we were unsure if his remains might still react to the wave. He is still in my custody, but will be eliminated once this matter has been resolved. I've been stuck down here in the chamber with him, reporting his reactions to the director. S13 asked me if he would be joining the others. I told him he wouldn't be returning to the others and they would likely be relocated to another building. "No, not them. I know that. I mean the ones in the back room." He said. I explained to him what we had seen that day was just a strange illusion. Those other subjects weren't alive anymore. "I know that." He said. "That's why I'm here, isn't it?" I was taken aback at his words. I composed myself and kept my distance, but in delivering the words, my voice wavered. "Yes, that's why." All he said to me after that was, "I see." I haven't been given any new information in hours on what's going on outside.