July 7th, 2007 On the subject of Damon Hound, the information leaked from Aurora lists him as containing non-human DNA. The non-human DNA could not be matched with any known animal species. We were able to steal a sample of his DNA and copies of data from the experiments conducted on him. Most baffling is, according to internal record, he was willingly released in 2001. To release such an important specimen is beyond absurd. Neither Aurora nor our own have been able to track him since October 31, 2001. His records at Aurora state that the wolf and raven mark on his back is directly related to the Blackwell and Ó Rinn families. The two images were used by each family since the 1400's. How Hound is connected remains unclear. Testing rules out him being a child of anyone from the twenty, however, he does appear as a very distant cousin in several lines, Blackwell and Ó Rinn included. Given the testimonies and video evidence of the mark remaining unchanging as he grew, I suspected that the mark might be related to our dearest lady Delilah in her purest, original form, but these symbols are from before the twenty families came to the American colonies. I do not make this statement lightly, but...perhaps the Summerfields are wrong about which line it came from. Given Hound's unusual abilities and his connection to the Blackwell family...perhaps, the Blackwells were right in their assertion. I pondered on if the Ó Rinns might be the source for that man, but Aurora's extensive research into the twenty families shows that the Ó Rinns of today are not biologically related to the original bearers of that name, as they all stem through an adopted child of the family. The rest of the Ó Rinns do not have any children at the generation that adopted child was brought into the family. Their lineage effectively died. Tracing the current Ó Rinn lineage, they do not carry the traits of the original family. Furthermore, according to one theory, the adopted child the Ó Rinn's descend from may have been an illegitimate child of one of the Blackwells. Thus, I can only conclude it is coming through the connection to Blackwell. Please do not mistake me as siding with the Blackwells on the family's path. I am only stating that Hound's records are very suggestive that in regard to that one point, the Blackwells may be correct. Summerfield and Blackwell are, ultimately, one family. If the Blackwells were correct, it doesn't mean our lady cannot appear in our lines. The agreement was made before the split. One more interesting point--and this was very difficult to acquire. Hound has a daughter, through former Aurora agent Danielle Corbin. Yes, Jake Corbin's wife. Officially, the father of the child is listed as unknown and the story the mother tells is that the child was the result of a one night stand. Danielle Corbin, then Danielle Fox, was a former patient at one of our hospitals. She and Hound were at the same facility and went missing together. Both the timeline of her pregnancy and DNA tests from material we were able to acquire show that Damon Hound must be the father. The girl's name alone is further proof, Damia. Jake Corbin has officially adopted the girl. Whether he is aware of his wife's secret or not is not clear. I suspect he knows, and if he does, then he has been keeping this a secret from us. Are you sure we can trust him? Is he really a double agent or is he playing us? I know Corbin is one of ES's favorites, but surely, you, Director, must have your suspicions. I will be sending you a more detailed report within the week about my findings. I look forward to meeting with you in person then. How is my dearest Miss Delilah?