July 7th, 2001 Saturday Evening The siblings are conspiring against one another. Two major developments. TS decided against the will of the 20 to have the puppet sterilized after they couldn't make a decision regarding her match. However, he has not informed them of this and intends to tell them she was found to be infertile. During the procedure, ES made sure to preserve some of what was taken out without informing her brother of the matter. She wants to go ahead with the original match. They both think I'm keeping their secrets. The puppet has no idea the procedure occurred at all. With ES freezing everything, that gives her plenty of time to work on this in secret. She's required several samples from me. Her current plan is to place the child in a low ranking 20 family and give them the treatment to convince them the child was always theirs to hide the child in plain site. She intends for the child to be a girl, a proper replacement for the puppet. How much would you like me to interfere? There doesn't appear to be any plans on creating this child in the near future. Should I keep an eye on that matter for now or destroy what ES collected? TS has also nominated his own daughter as the next one to replace her. That did not go over well with the committee either. She wasn't the result of a proper matching. There's no way they'll accept her. ES has used to opportunity to suggest TS step down and let her take over. You were brought up during the last meeting as well. Expect another attempt.