July 7th, 1999 Wednesday Evening It was quiet that morning. There was so much noise around the labs last night. I fully expect the lower level workers to get a treatment before the week's out to "fix" the mistake. Want to place bets on what level they stop at? ES pulled me aside to talk about my findings. Her and the director are having another fight. I heard from both of them. Their little puppet is caught in the middle. There's no question she'll get a special treatment as well. In regards to that last matter, I was able to secure the files you wanted. I'll be sending them soon. They really are morons at choosing who to promote. My years of employment are a testament to that. Actually, I'll do you one better than that amusement. They've selected me to be paired with the puppet. Excellent genetic match. The director wants to put a hold on that to search for more candidates, but it's really because he came back as a bad match. None of their other 20's came back as good matches either. Some of the higher ups are furious and requesting the data be manipulated to keep the families tied to D. ES is the only one pushing against that, claiming to do so would violate their very core beliefs. She's right, but it's all nonsense regardless. I intend to ensure a failure on that front with whatever does go forward. Given the amount of fighting, I don't see anything happening any time soon, and the puppet's already thirty. Exactly how many years can they really put this off before it's a lost cause? The director won't even let her "material" be saved. His reasoning is it will "corrupt" her position to do so before the decision has been made. I'm more convinced it has something to do with the puppet being both siblings' plaything at night. How he can even make such a claim to the committee like that when he made those films with her is beyond me.