The old car came to a halt in the middle of nowhere. Its precious cargo, the Director, sat impatiently in the car while her driver and her two bodyguards exited the vehicle. A flat tire needed replacing. The bodyguards got to work on that while the driver escorted the woman out of the car. The driver pulled out a gun and scanned the area. And then he fell down dead. The woman screamed when the blood splashed on her face. Her bodyguards quickly ran over to her. The taller one went down next, another headshot. The other man was shot down a few seconds later. While this was happening, the woman hid behind the car and pulled out her own gun. She pointed it in the direction of the gunfire, but thick woods prevented her from seeing the attacker. This wasn't her first time being targeted. She kept her cool in the uncertainty. Fifteen minutes passed, and the woods gave her no hints about the assassin. She considered running and signaling for help, but an assassin wasn't the only threat she faced outside the gated areas. Anything could be lurking in the woods. Staying by the road and the car was safer. She took out a small tablet from her coat pocket and sent a distress message to the nearest facility. Under the best circumstances, help would arrive in twenty minutes. She convinced herself it wasn't a long wait and kept her eyes forward, searching for the slightest movement. A twig broke behind her. She turned quickly to find a gun pointed at her head. The assassin covered his face with thick goggles, a scarf, and the hood of his heavy coat. She remained calm. "And what exactly will this accomplish? Someone else will replace me. You're wasting your time picking off leaders in isolation." The man pressed the gun against her forehead. "Oh, I don't care about that. I want you dead." "Who are you? Looking to take my place?" She asked, stalling for time. "You can keep that," He said. "Then why do you want to kill me?" The man raised the goggles up and pulled the scarf down with one hand. "Hello, Aunt Edith." "You...Sky...So, it's true. You really are alive. What on earth are you doing? You should be inside with me. We always wanted you to take over, but my brother foolishly took you out here. Come, let's go home together. You belong with us." The woman lowered her gun and stood up. She hugged the man. He pushed the gun up against her stomach and fired three times. Edith fell to the ground. She put her hand over the wound. Blood poured out of her. Writhing on the ground, she yelled to him, "Why? You're family. We worked so hard to..." He kicked her, then without another word, he unloaded all the remaining bullets in his gun into her. He avoided her head and heart. He reloaded his gun and covered his face. Silently, he disappeared into the forest long before help arrived. Edith bled out fast, coughing and crying in agony until he heard nothing from her. Once he'd gained a substantial distance, he observed everything by hacking into the woman's tablet from his temporary set-up nearby. Those who arrived on the scene pronounced her dead. Discussions occurred between those who arrived on the scene and someone else being communicated to on another device. From what he gathered, the death of Director Edith would be kept secret. "There's enough video footage of her to use for the time being. We'll announce her retirement after we prepare AA93 for the position. She's already well received by the lower workers as 'Delilah'." Someone said on video chat to one of the people at the scene. Sky typed up notes on his laptop as he watched them. He was about two miles from them in an old, half-rotting tree house. ", they're going to use their oldest puppet." Sky pulled up a file on his computer. He'd read through it many times, but he always made a point to reread through everything as often as possible. Memory was not to be trusted. "She's much more dangerous than the others they control. I'll have to kill her at a distance. Or perhaps...I could use her against them. She'll never be stable no matter what they do. I could trick her into..." Sky stopped and looked at his own reflection in the screen. "No, I'll kill her. I won't use anyone the way they do." He watched them gather up the woman. Her body was dragged and placed in a bag. She was dumped in the trunk of the car her "rescuers" came in. "What should we do about the other car?" One person asked. "Leave it. You know the protocol. We don't retrieve vehicles. Check the car for anything important and take it." The person on the video chat said. "Bring her straight to 413A. We'll see if she has anything left to give. Dispose of what remains in the incinerator." The video call ended and the people searched the car. The tablet was searched through and left beside the car, deemed not worth bothering with. Sky typed up some more notes, then turned off his computer. He scratched a name off a long list. He turned to his other temporary set-up in the abandoned tree house. To those who knew, he broadcast a radio message. "Edith Summerfield is dead. I am only here to inform."