The sky remained the same. That clear, cold morning sun and pale blue. I gazed across the field from atop the highest hill. The flowers were in full bloom, a sea of red across my vision. It was odd. Was it really Spring already? Everything in me kept thinking it was Winter. "You've noticed them." Aaron sat down beside me. "It's too early." "Isn't it Winter still?" I asked, hoping he would be able to dispel my confusion. "The time is the same here." He pointed. "They're the wrong color. Remember, they only bloom blue here." A memory of blue petals swaying like waves fluttered through my thoughts. It was strong, but I couldn't place it. "Why are they red now?" I asked. "You should know." He stood up and walked down the hill. I followed. My feet moved on their own. The nagging pain in my leg struck me with every step. Mud covered my toes. It dawned on me that neither of us were wearing shoes. I had worn the wrong jacket again. Wasn't I going to school? "Aaron." He didn't face me. "Why aren't we in school?" He remained silent. I looked at my watch to check the time. Nine AM. Right, it's broken. "Aaron, what time is it?" We were both walking, but I couldn't catch up to him. I ran to meet him, but I tripped and fell down the hill. When I got back on my feet, I noticed where he had led me. We stood at the edge of the forest. I turned to find myself at the bottom of the hill where I'd fell earlier, staring up at the road again. I rubbed my eyes. There was my bike. Turning back around, Aaron was nowhere to be found. There was no one there at all. Was I dreaming that entire time? That would explain all the strange inconsistencies. The sky was the same as in the dream. How long have I been sleeping? I checked my watch. This time, I could really tell that it was broken. The screen was cracked in every direction. The time still read as nine. That must have been the time when I fell. Checking my leg, there was a large bruise on it. Likely why it hurt so much in the dream. I dusted off and road my bike back down the road. As expected, there were mailboxs every few yards. I could hear a few birds calling in the distance. A buzzing noise rang in my ears. The sound of my cell phone. I reached in my pocket, but it wasn't there. I'd gone too far for me to hear it if I left it. Suddenly, the buzzing stopped. Am I hearing things? Maybe there was some truth to dream Darian telling me the fall had scattered my brain a bit. The ride home was quicker than I expected. Mom was waiting outside by the car. "Where have you been? You're going to be late for school." She looked really angry. "Can't Darian take me instead?" I sighed. Her face went pale. "Don't you dare say things like that. It's only been a month." "What are you talking about?" A month since what? "Quit this, Allison. We've been through this over and over. Do you need to see Dr. Wei again?" What on earth is she talking about? A thought occurred to me. I'm still dreaming. That's why this doesn't make sense. As a test, I walked away from Mom to see what would happen. When I turned back towards the road, there were only trees. It was the bottom of the hill. Turning again, I saw the road and my red bike. The faint pain in my leg stung with the strangest, squirming feeling. I checked my watch. Broken. Nine AM.
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