The moon was full, illuminating the meadow. I can't remember having ever seen the moon so bright and big before. It was like a reflection on water, something fragile and impossible--an illusion. I recalled that sometimes the moon could create such illusions to the human eye. Still, it left me breathless. I wanted to reach out and touch it. My hand grasped around it the way children often do when discovering perspective. It was like a coin between my fingers. The idea of that distant light being a massive rock in space seemed so ludicrous. The sky itself felt unreal, and the world looked more like a stretching, bending plane surrounded by an enclosed sheet. A changing blanket that kept us all tucked away from the coldness where the moon hung above. How distant was each light above? How many of those lights had sources anymore? The sheet above me was a glowing graveyard. Somewhere else far away, was the light of the sun a ghost too? Time had always been a concept that confused me. I'd spend so many nights staring out my window, trying to piece the mystery together. But my thoughts wrapped around themselves in my attempts. The flowers swayed around me. A brilliant, soft blue. The wind echoed like ocean waves. I closed my eyes, but found no darkness. The view was the same. "You've been here for a long time now." Aaron stood beside me. I sat up, startled at his sudden appearance. I would have sworn I'd heard nothing aside from the wind. How did he sneak up on me like that? "What are you doing here?" He sat down. "Where else would I be but here?" "You're talking nonsense again." "And you? What are you doing here?" He stared at me intensely. His eyes were the same shade of blue as the flowers in the meadow, but they didn't remind me of gentle waves. A swelling sea. Drowning, frightening. I paused to contemplate his question. I couldn't remember the answer. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Come with me." "Where are we going?" I asked, standing my ground. "Trust me." He tugged at my hand, leading me down the hill. The wind picked up more and more. Like a heavy storm was coming through. The sky remained clear. My feet moved on their own and my thoughts flashed in red. This was like that dream I had of Aaron before. Is this a dream too? It took all my strength to pull myself away from him. As our hands parted, the wind swelled around me. The swaying petals became real waves, dragging me under. I struggled to keep my head above the surface. A hand grabbed mine and took me out of the dark water. "Follow me." I had no strength to fight with. My feet carried me against my will. We reached the edge of the water, my bare feet sinking into the wet sand that turned into mud as blades of green came into view. I knew where he was leading me, and I was powerless to do anything about it. Why am I struggling? I'm tired of dreaming. I want to wake up. Why is my heart beating so fast? As we approached the treeline, I slipped in the mud and our hands parted again. I rose to find myself alone at the bottom of that hill. Daytime. My tennis shoes were covered in mud. My red bike lay at the top of the hill. I checked my watch. Nine AM.
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