I got back on my bike, a little weary. My watch was still broken, and my clothes were dirtier than in my dreams. This time, for sure, I was awake. When I got home, Darian was starting up the car. He rolled down the window. "Need a ride, kid?" "What time is it?" "About time for you to be headin' off to school. Or are you skipping today?" He laughed. I opened the car door and got in. "Let's go." "Did you bring your cell? I left mine inside." I reached in my pocket. Nothing again. "No. Forgot mine too." "Ah, well. People lived for years without 'em. One day won't kill us." "Hey, do you know if Aaron called?" I asked, thinking back on those dreams from earlier. "Who?" "Aaron, from school." "Mmm...don't think I've met him. But no one's called all morning." I was certain Darian knew him. He'd been over several times. Was the dream confusing me? Maybe they hadn't met each other yet, and it was Mom instead. "Oh, okay. I'll just talk to him at school." "So, who is this guy? He your boyfriend?" He snickered. "It's not like that." "Right, right. If you say so, Sis. But I know that look." "Shut up. You think if I even say a boy's name that means something." "With you, it usually does." I rolled my eyes and stared out the window. A chill went down my spine. "Hey, can you turn the heat on?" "Hmm? In the middle of Spring? You feelin' alright?" Darian reached over and touched my forehead. "You don't have a fever, but you're ice cold." My right leg stung again, and my head throbbed. "I think I'm coming down with something." The sky, for a moment, looked gray--and then red. A deep crimson. Like a freshly cut rose, or the paint of my bike. I blinked. Blue again.
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