MISTS OF RED AND GREY I. Homecoming II. At the Edge of Winter III. An Excursion at Sea IV. The Third Knight of Cailean V. Three Words VI. The Wanted Chain VII. The Red King VIII. Mother IX. Moonlight X. Little Bird XI. Peacock and Wolf XII. Snowfall XIII. On a Misty Morning THE FOURTH KNIGHT OF CAILEAN I. Maiden Knight in Training II. In the Garden III. The Trail of Fire THE KNIGHT AND THE TOWER I. The Wheel of Fortune II. The Hanged Man III. The Star THE MIDNIGHT QUEST I. The Hermits of the Border II. The Quest for the Two Queens III. The King's Request THE IMMORTAL KNIGHT AND THE ENDLESS RIVER I. The Naiad of Cailean II. The Lady With Hair like Fire III. The Lady in the Tower IV. The Hermit in the Mists V. The Forest Prince SEA CHILD I. The Abandoned Shore II. The Castle in the Sky III. Little Bird IV. Seafoam THE KNIGHT OF THE WESTERN WAVES I. The Seal in the Waves II. Little Bird III. Sunset at the Shore CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS PROFESSIONAL LOYALTY RAVEN AND HOLLY LITTLE BIRD SUMMER RAIN THE FOX AND THE UNICORN THE FOX'S FAVOR SEA WAVES THE COFFIN BEARER WINTER SONG TRAVELLERS ON A WINTRY NIGHT DANCING BONES WINTER GUEST SONGBIRD FAIRY NOTES